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As a REcolorado subscriber, YOU determine where your listings are displayed. REcolorado's syndication program -- Your Listing. You Decide. -- allows you to make listing-by-listing choices based on your client's preferences, as well as the marketing strategy you determine is best for their listing. Plus, with Listing Metrics, you can keep your client informed about how much activity their listing is seeing on the internet.

REcolorado Syndication Program

Syndication is a fancy term used for the process of distributing listing information around the internet. Listing information is sent to third-party publishers, which include sites such as and These sites, and many others, display real estate listings, but are not broker or agent sites that use IDX. is also not a syndication site, but our own home search site.

There are benefits to syndication, but there are also drawbacks. The exposure your listing can get on national websites can be a benefit when it’s part of your marketing strategy. However, the more widely a listing is distributed, or syndicated, the more it becomes out of your control, making it difficult to update or remove.

The REcolorado Syndication Program protects you and your listing data with thoughtfully negotiated syndication agreements. Each syndication partner is required to keep all the listing information received through REcolorado up-to-date. If a change is made to the listing details or status, it must be updated on their website within a specific time frame. If you discover incorrect information through one of our syndication partners, REcolorado can assist you to have this information corrected.

Syndication is not an automatic process, but is within a broker’s control. The managing broker or participant determines the syndication channels where listings in that office will be sent. When a listing is added to the REcolorado MLS system, Matrix, it is automatically sent to those syndication channels. If a broker or client prefers not to share the listing broadly, they can exclude the listing from Internet display.

Syndication Resources

Make certain you’re informed. Learn all you can about syndication so you can educate your clients, and protect yourself.

Syndication Training and Education

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