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REcolorado maintains rules and regulations guidelines to ensure the offer of cooperation and compensation is extended to all Participants and the sharing of listings among brokers is centralized and standardized. The peer-based MLS Rules and Regulations Committee serves as an objective body to address compliance concerns, as well as the formulation of policies that support cooperation and ensure reliable, accurate data.


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The Rules and Regulations Committee reviews current issues that affect existing rules, as well as recommendations for new rules as needed. These recommendations are then submitted to the REcolorado Board of Directors for approval, and the National Association of REALTORS®. The committee is comprised of a Chairperson and members from local REALTOR® associations including: Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, Mountain Metro Association of REALTORS®, South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association, REALTORS® of Central Colorado, Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS®, and Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®. The Vice Chair of the REcolorado Board of Directors serves as the Chairperson for the Rules & Regulations Committee. The current Chairperson of the Committee is Cheri Long of Priority Properties. (Document ID: 0901 Created: August 17, 2005 Modified: July 28, 2020)

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When a compliance issue is brought to the attention of the REcolorado compliance department, or when there is a recommendation for a policy change by the National Association of REALTORS®, the issue is reviewed by the MLS Rules and Regulations Committee at their meetings. The process of review and evaluation may take as long as six months before approval by the Board of Directors. Once approved, REcolorado disperses information about new or changed rules and regulations through several mediums including prior notice to the Shareholders, email blasts to customers, customized information pieces available at the REcolorado office and from business relationship managers, and on Finally, REcolorado gives presentations and classes on new and amended rules and regulations, which are FREE to customers. (Document ID: 0902 Created: August 17, 2005 Modified: July 28, 2020)


The REcolorado Compliance department is the liaison between REcolorado customers and the MLS Rules and Regulations Committee. The department's primary functions are to research the details of alleged violations, notify the committee of all policy recommendations from the National Association of REALTORS®, educate customers about rules and regulations, conduct non-association member orientations, and apply the rules and regulations consistently and fairly. The best way for a customer to comply with the MLS Rules and Regulations is to be dedicated to accurate listings. In addition, customers should understand the MLS Rules and Regulations, read the education pieces, or contact the Compliance department at (303) 850-9576 if questions arise. Finally, REcolorado offers FREE training classes where customers can learn about compliance. (Document ID: 0903 Created: August 17, 2005 Modified: January 7, 2009)


If a customer identifies a possible violation, it may be reported:

  1. Online using the Report feature in Matrix;

  2. Via an email to:;

  3. Via fax, using a Violation Form, to (303) 850-9637.

Violation Procedure

When it has determined that a violation has occurred, REcolorado compliance team will first try to correct the issue. If they are unable to correct the issue, a notice is sent to the listing broker requesting the violation be corrected within three days. A copy of the notification is also sent to the managing broker. If a listing remains in violation, a progressive fee schedule may be assessed and added to the next monthly MLS bill. The Rules and Regulations Committee may recommend suspension in the event of continued non-compliance or repeat violations. Violations may be disputed by the listing broker by filing a grievance with the Rules and Regulations Committee for consideration and final determination. All grievances must be submitted in writing within 30 days stating the reason for dispute and request for review. (Document ID: 0904 Created: August 17, 2005 Modified: July 28, 2020)