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You’re a business owner, which means you’re constantly on the lookout for strategic ways to save time and increase revenue. These tools can help.

New Home Source Pro

Another great benefit of Matrix is that you can easily search for new construction listings. Additionally, we’ve partnered with New Home Source Professional to give you an even larger database of new construction information. Enjoy detailed search options, contact information for builders, exclusive agent and consumer promotions, weekly updates on new inventory and incentives, and much more.

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Cloud Agent Suite

One of the many benefits of Matrix is that it provides comprehensive information for CMAs, statistics, and your other reporting needs. But as a busy real estate professional, sometimes you need to whip up some quick information for those last-minute client requests. For those times, use Cloud Agent Suite. Produce a CMA on the fly or set up quick listing alerts for your clients, and create custom webpages for your clients that correspond with those things.

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Colorado’s source for distressed property information. A subscription to RENAV gives you access to unlisted foreclosure filings, short sale leads, property tracking to protect your listings, and upcoming auctions and unlisted REO opportunities for your buyers who are looking for a deal.

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Increase your likelihood of repeat and referral business. Homebot is an email drip marketing campaign that helps your contacts understand their total purchasing power. And when they’re ready to make the leap from thinking to selling, you’ll be top of mind.

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eProperty Watch

An email drip marketing campaign service that delivers accurate home-wealth information and local market data directly to your contacts’ inboxes. ePropertyWatch makes it easy for you to stay top of mind in a non-intrusive way.

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Remine takes MLS listing information and combines it with other data sources, including public records, to help you better target your marketing efforts. For example, with Remine, you no longer need to print hundreds of direct mailers and blindly send them to everyone in the neighborhood. Instead, use Remine’s information, like sell scores and mortgage information, to narrow down the consumers who might be most likely to sell within a certain time period. Because technology. Pretty cool, right? We think so.

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Advanced analytics and metrics products powered by REcolorado listing data. Gain a deep understanding of the local real estate market to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Products include BrokerMetrics®, AgentMetrics®, MarketMetrics®, Market Videos and Custom Reporting.

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Other Tools

MyRental -- A tenant-screening solution for brokers who specialize in rentals

ePropertyExtra -- A shopping website that offers discounts and rewards points for consumers

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