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REcolorado Media Bridge Makes Adding Photos to Your Listings Fast and Easy!

Media providers upload photos and media links to Media Bridge, then agents review and customize them in an easy-to-use interface, before publishing to your listing in REcolorado Matrix MLS.

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REcolorado Media Bridge helps you: 

  • Save time! Media providers prepare and upload your photos, so you can add your listing photos to REcolorado Matrix MLS in record time.
  • Ditch the manual uploads! No more unzipping folders and sorting through files -- simply review and publish.
  • Easily edit and add captions! Reorder, delete, add, and caption your photos all from an easy-to-use interface.
  • Ensure the highest-quality photos! Your listing media will look fantastic because it comes directly from the photographer.
  • Publish your media from anywhere! You can access REcolorado Media Bridge on your desktop or mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a broker/agent, what can I do with Media Bridge?

Click/Tap -- Access your photos and virtual tour links from your media provider.
Review -- Add, delete, and reorder your media. You can even caption your photos!
Publish -- Add up to 40 photos and three virtual tour links to your REcolorado Matrix MLS listing!

Can I still upload and edit photos within REcolorado Matrix MLS?

Yes! Media Bridge gives you another way to manage your listing media, but you can still upload and edit directly within REcolorado Matrix MLS.

Who can publish media to a listing?

Media providers create packages but cannot publish to your listing directly. The listing agent or an authorized representative, such as an admin or managing broker, can access the package through Media Bridge to customize, order, edit, and caption as needed, and then publish to the MLS listing!

How do I get started?

Media providers kick off the process. See a list of REcolorado Media Bridge providers here.

​​​​​​​If you don't see yours listed, tell them to sign up. If you’re a media provider and want access, sign up today!

How much does Media Bridge cost?

Media providers can set up an REcolorado account for $150 per year to gain access to Media Bridge, including API access. REcolorado will not charge brokers for Media Bridge – access is included with your MLS subscription!

How do I access Media Bridge?

Brokers and admins can access their media packages through a direct link, which will come by email from REcolorado Media Bridge or directly from your media provider. Media providers will gain access once their account setup is completed by REcolorado.

Why was Media Bridge created?

As your MLS partner, we’re always looking for ways to save you time and money so you can focus on what matters most: your clients. We created Media Bridge because we heard from brokers who were frustrated by how much time and effort it took to add photos to listings. Between keeping track of emails, downloading and organizing large files, and getting them to appear the way they should in the MLS, the entire process was inefficient and frustrating.
So, REcolorado stepped in to develop a one-of-a-kind tool that allows media providers and brokers to work efficiently together and streamline the entire process from start to finish. And we did it with your help! Thanks to feedback from early adopters, we created a system that fits into your workflow and saves you time.

Media Bridge Process - How it Works
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REcolorado Media Bridge Providers

The following photographers and virtual tour vendors currently offer REcolorado Media Bridge services. REcolorado Media Bridge is available to any media provider with an REcolorado account. Don't see yours on the list? Tell them to sign up today.


​​​​​​​"The team at Mediamax has always appreciated our friendly and collaborative business relationship with everyone at REcolorado over the past 21 years! We were 'all in' when REcolorado asked if we'd like to help with the development of systems that would finally allow authorized media vendors access to deliver photos and virtual tour links on behalf of our clients. The new Media Bridge system is a win for Mediamax and our clients, allowing us to simplify the photo delivery process and ensure our clients listings are looking their best when they're activated in the REcolorado system."
~ Mark Schow, President of Mediamax, Inc.

Simple, Intuitive Media Management

REcolorado Media Bridge is built to be so user-friendly and intuitive you can dive right in! We're here to help if you need it. Start by watching the video below for an overview of the system. Learn to access REcolorado Media Bridge, review and edit media packages, and publish media packages to your listings in REcolorado Matrix MLS.

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