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One of the many benefits of being an REcolorado subscriber is that brokers have their listings display on REcolorado.com—our public-facing home search website that receives more than two million visitors per month. But REcolorado.com is so much more than a home search site. We use it to position our subscribers as the local experts. Our statewide internet and television advertising campaign helps drive consumers to the listings on REcolorado.com, and once a consumer lands on a listing, the listing agent is always prominently displayed. Plus, the consumer can easily click on the broker’s name to learn more about them. This is free advertising like no other MLS offers, and the end goal is simple: if we all promote REcolorado.com as the best place to go to find listings in Colorado, together we can make certain local brokers continue to remain at the center of the real estate transaction.

Benefits of REcolorado.com

We’ve built REcolorado.com into a popular hub where consumers can easily find you and Colorado properties listed by Colorado brokers.

30 Million Annual Visitors

In other words, a ton of eyes on brokers and their listings! Subscriber listings are always displayed on REcolorado.com. Brokers may choose to have their listings displayed on other sites with the REcolorado Syndication Program.

Statewide Listings
REcolorado.com listings stretch across the state. This includes Metro Denver, Central Colorado, Grand County, Royal Gorge, and Steamboat Springs, with more on the way.

Interested in having your listings display on REcolorado.com too? Learn about our Strategic Partnerships >>​​​​​

Broker Webpage​​​​​​​

A broker can claim their personal REcolorado.com webpage and add their branding and local expertise to the page. This is helpful because on REcolorado.com, the listing broker is the broker prominently displayed on a listing. Consumers can click the broker’s name to be directed to the broker’s personal webpage. Plus, when an agent links to their REcolorado.com webpage from their own personal webpage, it strengthens both pages.

Market an Open House​​​​​​​

When a broker enters open house information into REcolorado, the details are automatically available for millions of interested buyers to see on REcolorado.com. Additionally, we promote the open houses to thousands of interested consumers on Facebook

Helpful Consumer Resources​​​​​​​

Homebuyers and sellers have access to mortgage tools, home worth tools, Colorado neighborhood information, and the Colorado Home Blog. As a result, these resources encourage homebuyers and sellers to use a real estate professional who is a local expert.


Realist is a public-record database within Matrix that provides you immediate access to the local public records information you need to make decisions with accuracy and confidence. Quickly research properties and listings, assess market conditions and trends, value homes, identify comparables, market for buyers and sellers, and create custom exports.

Use REcolorado.com to Build Online Presence

REcolorado.com is one of the many tools brokers can use to help consumers find them online. We encourage agents to:

Share REcolorado.com with Clients​​​​​​​

Recommend REcolorado.com over the national portals. The more we all share REcolorado.com, the higher the usage becomes. The higher the usage becomes, the more visibility all brokers receive on REcolorado.com, and their own websites, without paying an extra dime.

Share Posts from Colorado Home Blog​​​​​​​

Colorado Home Blog is an agent’s one-stop shop for free curated content. From open house prep to gardening tips to local market insights, each article is meant for agents to share on their social media channels, websites, and blogs. The articles always link back to REcolorado.com, which helps drive more traffic to the site.

Share REcolorado Social Media Posts

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Link to REcolorado.com​​​​​​​

Often, an agent will have a personal website. When they link to REcolorado.com from their personal website, it not only strengthens their own website, but also increases REcolorado.com’s chances of appearing higher up in internet search results. This could mean more visitors to both sites.