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BrokerBay Full-Service Showing Solution

BrokerBay is REcolorado’s showing management service. In addition to giving agents and their clients a user-friendly interface, it keeps administrators, agents, offices, and teams connected.

Office Efficiencies

Offices get a robust show solution for their agents that is provided by REcolorado. In addition, brokerages gain advanced admin controls, internal announcement tools, a listing intranet, and modern reporting.

Agent Benefits

The BrokerBay showing management ecosystem is included as part of an REcolorado subscription. Plus, BrokerBay buttons display in REcolorado Matrix, the REcolorado App, and your electronic lockbox system, meaning you can easily manage showings anywhere, anytime, with tools you already use. If you need to schedule, adjust, or cancel an appointment, just call 888.808.0331.


BrokerBay Launch Timeline

Look for updates in the Weekly News email newsletter and the REcolorado Professionals Blog. We'll highlight the features in REcolorado showing management powered by BrokerBay.

Schedule Showings Through BrokerBay

You can now see the BrokerBay button on listings in REcolorado Matrix and the REcolorado App. Easily schedule showings on listings using REcolorado showing management, powered by BrokerBay, directly from Matrix and the REcolorado App. There is also a BrokerBay button in the IRES MLS system! Here’s how it works >>

BrokerBay Onboarding Process
Step 1: BrokerBay Onboarding for All Offices

All offices will begin the onboarding process so their agents can use BrokerBay. Onboarding at the office level includes setting up admin access, teams, and more to work collaboratively in BrokerBay. Managing brokers and participants can start the onboarding process directly from your REcolorado CONNECT dashboard by clicking the blue BrokerBay button.

Step 2: Listing Set-Up

Prepare your listings for showings in BrokerBay! Managing brokers set the launch date for their office, so ask your managing broker for additional details. Once your office has started the onboarding process, you’ll be able to configure showing settings in BrokerBay for each of your active listings ahead of your launch date. That way, you'll be ready to accept showings as soon as your office moves to BrokerBay. Other brokers can easily schedule showings for your listing through REcolorado Matrix and the REcolorado App.

Stay up to Speed!

REcolorado and BrokerBay are continually offering enhancements to help you be even more efficient. Keep watching your inbox for features and tips. Plus, you'll be able to access BrokerBay training resources from your BrokerBay account and contact the helpful BrokerBay support team if you have questions while using the showing management tools.

BrokerBay FAQs

What is BrokerBay? As a broker/agent, what can I do with BrokerBay?

BrokerBay is REcolorado’s showing management ecosystem that helps brokerages, agents, and teams streamline showings on their listings. BrokerBay is included as part of an REcolorado subscription.

BrokerBay offers a full, robust showing service solution with advanced technologies. With BrokerBay you can schedule and arrange showings, whether they are in person or interactive 3D Virtual showing tours, register offers and submit documents, verify agents, manage property notifications, and more.

When will BrokerBay be available for me to use? Can I schedule a showing in BrokerBay even if I haven't onboarded?

All REcolorado customers can now schedule showings on listings configured with BrokerBay. All offices may now begin onboarding BrokerBay as their showing management service.

Why are some offices launching earlier than others?

Because REcolorado is such a large MLS, we’re using a phased launch to ensure a smooth onboarding process and great experience for all REcolorado customers. Select offices launched in December 2021 as part of the first phase, and all REcolorado customers began seeing the BrokerBay button in REcolorado Matrix to schedule showings on those listings.

Now, we’re gathering feedback from the offices in the first phase as they use BrokerBay so we can develop an even better showing management experience. We’re taking your feedback seriously and working with BrokerBay to bring enhancements to all REcolorado customers with the full launch. All offices can now begin onboarding with BrokerBay.

How much will BrokerBay cost?

BrokerBay's showing ecosystem, which includes the web-based platform and mobile app, is available as part of an REcolorado subscription. All features listed on the BrokerBay overview are included. The BrokerBay App is also available for agents in offices that have onboarded with BrokerBay. All brokers are also able to call the complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center (888.808.0331) to schedule, modify, and cancel showings by phone at no additional charge.

Offices or individuals who wish to use BrokerBay’s full-service phone support, which includes outgoing calls to brokers and sellers, will have the option to sign up during onboarding or from their account settings. Offices may sign up the entire brokerage for $6.75 per Active listing per month. Individuals whose office did not sign up at the brokerage level can sign up for $15 per month. If your brokerage signs up, agents in that office do not pay a monthly fee. Learn more about the add-on BrokerBay Showing Concierge.

How will I access BrokerBay once it is available?

All agents can access BrokerBay directly from listings in REcolorado Matrix and the REcolorado App. Listings configured using BrokerBay will display the BrokerBay icon. You will be able to access BrokerBay from your CONNECT dashboard once your office completes onboarding.

When will I learn about BrokerBay?

There are a variety of opportunities for you to learn more about BrokerBay. You will have access to training resources from BrokerBay during office onboarding and beyond so you can learn how to configure your listings and use the system. You can also learn more about BrokerBay on the REcolorado Professionals Blog.

Does BrokerBay have a mobile app?

Yes, BrokerBay has an iOS and Android mobile app agents can use to book and manage showings. Use the same credentials you set up when you onboarded with BrokerBay to log in to your account via the BrokerBay app.

Does BrokerBay include an appointment call center?

Yes, all agents can call BrokerBay’s complimentary scheduling center (888.808.0331) to schedule, modify, and cancel showings, included as part of your REcolorado subscription. An add-on full-service scheduling management service, BrokerBay's Showing Concierge, is available for offices and individual agents at competitive pricing.

Will other MLSs or REALTOR® associations in Colorado use BrokerBay?

Members of other REALTOR associations or MLSs can schedule showings on listings configured through BrokerBay, regardless of whether they use BrokerBay on their own listings. In Colorado, agents using the IRES MLS can also schedule showings through BrokerBay. We worked with BrokerBay and IRES to add an integration in their MLS system so IRES users can easily schedule showings on exchanged listings configured with BrokerBay. Reach out to the leadership of your MLS or association if you would like them to consider making BrokerBay available.

When can I reach BrokerBay support?

The complimentary BrokerBay Scheduling Center is available 24/7! Complimentary BrokerBay email support is available 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends.

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BrokerBay Training & Resources

BrokerBay Benefits Flyer

REcolorado Showing Management powered by BrokerBay

REcolorado’s partnership with BrokerBay makes the full BrokerBay showing management ecosystem available to all REcolorado customers, included with your REcolorado subscription. Through its intuitive platform, BrokerBay intelligently connects administrators, agents, brokerages, teams, and clients on a cloud-based, lightning fast, user-friendly interface. Brokers gain robust showing settings and customization, advanced communication features, and a modern MLS booking experience. Brokerages gain advanced admin controls, internal announcement tools, listing intranet, and modern reporting.


Recorded Webinar: BrokerBay Training for Agents

Learn how to navigate the BrokerBay platform, get information at a glance from your BrokerBay dashboard, configure your listings, and more in this in-depth training session.

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Recorded Webinar: BrokerBay Training for Admins

This training session is designed for anyone who will be using the BrokerBay admin features to support your office, including front-desk staff, transaction coordinators, managing brokers, and participants. Learn about how to use and navigate the platform and admin dashboard to assist your agents. Plus, you’ll learn next steps to prepare for your office for launch.