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Discover home listings straight from the source! Download the REcolorado App and you'll get direct access to the most accurate, up-to-date information about homes for sale across the state, which means you'll be the first to see the freshest listings! The REcolorado App is even more powerful when you use it with your real estate agent to share listings and communicate with ease.

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ReColorado App

How do I download the REcolorado App?

The REcolorado App is free to download and compatible for both Apple and Android devices. You can find the app in your Apple App Store or in Google Play. Enter ‘REcolorado App’ in the search bar of your preferred app store and tap to install!

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How do I connect with my agent on the REcolorado App?

Ask your agent for a custom invitation code to use to download the app. Simply tap the link and press “install my app.” When you open the app, you’ll be connected with your agent and your Client Collaboration Portal!

How do I connect with my agent if I've already downloaded and installed the REcolorado App?

After installation, open the app on your device, enter the code provided to you by your agent when prompted, and you and your preferred agent are instantly connected in the app!

How do I find an agent in the app?

If you are looking to connect with an agent you can search over 26,000 Colorado agents using the “Find An Agent” icon, which is available on the home screen of the REcolorado App. When you tap an agent’s name, you’ll get access to their contact information and you can view their current Active listings.

Can I use the REcolorado App without an agent code?

If you downloaded the app without a code from your agent, you can still use the app and search for properties. When you open the app, you will be asked to enter a code, if you do not have a code at this time you can tap, "I don't have a code." The REcolorado App is made more powerful when you connect with your agent so don't be shy, reach out to your agent and ask for their code!

How do I message my agent using the app?

To send in-app messages through the REcolorado App first, you will need to be connected to your agent. Once connected, you will notice an icon on the home page of the app called ‘My Messages.’ Tap this icon and you will be directed to a screen to send a text-like message to your agent.

How do I access messages my agent has sent me?

Accessing your in-app messages is very similar to sending a message. Head over to the ‘My Messages’ icon from the home screen and access all your messages.

How do I sync my Client Portal with the app?

When you use your agent’s invitation code you will automatically be synced with the Client Portal your agent has set up for you. If you downloaded the app without your agent’s invitation code, reach out to your agent to get their REcolorado App code. When you receive the access code, open the app and click that you would like Consumer Access, the next step is to enter your access code to sync with your Client Portal.

Can I download the app on my mobile phone and tablet?

Yes, you can download the REcolorado App on multiple devices including your mobile device and tablet. If you want to search for homes on your desktop you can do that too by visiting

Do I select Consumer Access or Agent Access when I first enter the app?

Select Consumer Access. If you accidentally tap Agent Access, go back and change your selection. Consumer Access allows you to use the app as a home search tool.

Can I disconnect from an agent in the app?

If there comes a time you would like to access the app without being connected to your agent you have the option to disconnect. On the home screen tap the ‘More’ icon and tap ‘Disconnect from Agent.’

Home App

How do I search using the map?

To find listings on a map, tap the first icon on your home screen called ‘Map Search.’ Once you tap the icon, a map with your location will load onto your screen. Use your finger to move the map to your desired location or pinch the screen to zoom in and out of certain locations. Want to search an entirely different location? Tap the ‘Filter’ button on the top right corner of the screen to focus your search by property type, year built, address, and more. To clear your filter results, tap the ‘Reset’ button on the bottom of the screen.

How do I draw a shape on the map?

If you want to get granular, you can draw an image on the map that will populate homes in your outlined shape. While in the ‘Map Search’ feature you will see three white boxes on the lower right side of the screen, tap the pencil button. The pencil tool will turn blue, this is how you know you are ready to draw! Draw any shape on the map, making sure your starting point and ending point connect.

How do I search using the 'Advanced Search?

The ‘Advanced Search’ feature on the REcolorado App allows you to refine your search results. To get to the ‘Advanced Search’ field, tap the second icon on your home screen to begin customizing your search. You’ll find your usual search criteria like city, zip code, address, property type, price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, etc. Add even more filters to you search by tapping the ‘More Criteria’ button on the button of the screen. Here is where you will find search features such as number of garages, school district, structure type and lot features. Once you have selected your criteria, tap the ‘Search’ button on the bottom of the screen to see your listings.

What is InstaView and how do I use it?

InstaView is a tool on the REcolorado App that is incredibly useful when you want to find information on a listing that is close to you. Instaview makes it easy to access listing information for a specific property. When using the REcolorado App, simply tap the Instaview button on the home screen, point your phone in the direction of a nearby listed property, and instantly the listing will appear within the app. In addition to that property's listing data, you will also get a list of active and pending listings within 100 feet of your location! This feature is helpful if you are out and about in a new neighborhood or city but not sure what search criteria to use to find more listings.

How do I narrow my search results?

Whether you are searching for listings on the ‘Map Search’ or the ‘Advanced Search’ feature the best way to narrow results is by applying filters and updating search criteria.

Can I search using specific criteria?

Yes, in fact that’s the beauty of downloading the REcolorado App, it gives you access to an incredible amount of search criteria. Add specific search criteria by tapping the 'Filter' button in ‘Map Search’ or by filling out the information in the ‘Advanced Search’ feature.

How can I filter my search?

There are many ways to filter your search and may depend on your viewing preference. In 'Map Search', look on the upper right side of your screen to see the 'Filter' button. Here you will find all the search criteria and filter options available to you. In the 'Advanced Search' feature, you are able to filter by search criteria.

Can I view homes as a list instead of on a map?

Yes! When using the Map Search tool you will notice this feature opens first as a map, but you have the option to switch to list view. On the top left side of the screen, you can change from map to list by tapping ‘List.’ Now all the properties will appear in list form!


How do I save a listing?

In the REcolorado App you save a listing by marketing it as one of ‘My Favorites.’ To do so, tap a listing you’d like to view. Once you are on the listing detail page you will notice an outlined star in the lower right corner of the main image. Tap the star to be given the option to add the property to Favorites, Possibilities or to Discard the property.

How many searches can I save in the app?

As many as you’d like. There is no limit on the number of searches you can save within the REcolorado App.

Can I save my filtered search criteria?

You sure can! You can save any search you create by first visiting your preferred search feature, 'Map Search' or 'Advanced Search.' From here you'll want to select your filters and search criteria, tap 'Search', and once the listings load on the bottom of your screen, tap the ‘Save Search’ button. This button will appear in both map view and list view.

Do I need to restart my search every time I open the REcolorado App?

No, you don't need to restart your search every time you open the app. At the bottom of every search screen, you'll see a button labeled ' Save Search.' If you want to bookmark your search, click the button and pick up where you left off at a later time. You can also modify your last search preferences by clicking the ‘More’ icon, then going into Preferences and under Map Search selecting ‘Open Last Search.’

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