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Hello Home Seekers, Sellers, Investors and Flippers!

Do you know what this number means? 30,000...THIRTY THOUSAND! That's approximately how many Real Estate Agents there are in Colorado each year. Out of THAT number? I am guessing that maybe 1% love what they do.

Many agents fail in this business because they think being a real estate agent is a 'selling houses' job.

Selling houses is not like selling cars. The contract is just the beginning!
Any agent can provide a slick marketing pitch, supply generic listings, let you do the work (like prepping your house) - and collect a big commission.

But great agents EARN their commission by rolling up their sleeves, researching hidden or special properties and/or market for you BEYOND the MLS.

A great agent is also your legal consultant ~ protecting you from potential pitfalls of real estate transactions. Agents are highly educated in real estate law and supposed to look out for you every step of the way (which can be harrowing at times!).

I also equate being a real estate agent to being like a secret agent. Or a 'Special Agent' on a mission. A great agent uncovers the clues of the market to find the very best opportunities out there.

We know that buying or selling a home is a big deal so choose your agent well. Choose one who provides 24/7 accessibility, intense loyalty, die-hard commitment, negotiation skills, a great bit of hand holding, diligence, smarts, and even perhaps a little painting.

Happy Buying (or selling!)

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