Hi! I'm Brad Sandler

Managing Broker

About Brad Sandler

NAMED 5280 FIVE STAR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENT 2010- 2020 ”I am a laid back fun real estate guy, but when it comes to contracts, deadlines, and negotiations I am impeccably thorough and detailed. I gained a reputation for being very skilled at the negotiation process and able to achieve great deals for my clients. I cover my clients backwards and forward on all parts of their purchase or sale to make sure we are getting an excellent deal and that there are no surprises. One of the main things that separates me from the rest is I check houses out from the inside guts (such as plumbing and electricity) all the way to under the house (sewer line, foundation, positive drainage) In addition, I am also a Green Realtor with an Ecobroker certification. I look at the environmental impact, energy efficient materials, and appliances to assess how this property is going save or cost you money no matter if it is a brand new or older home."