Hi! I'm Angela Healy

Managing Broker
Avenuewest Denver Inc

About Angela Healy

Angela Healy has a strong record of leadership in real estate investment, real estate management, business development and investment banking with more than 20 years of industry experience. Ms. Healy is the co-owner of multiple AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Franchises and AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC. Ms. Healy guides the firm’s strategies for growth, and ensures that AvenueWest’s core philosophy of investor-centric decision making is reflected throughout the company. Ms. Healy played an integral role in the growth of AvenueWest Companies. During her tenure AvenueWest has grown exponentially from a small real estate investment brokerage to a national, award winning franchise organization. Ms. Healy leadership has grown the AvenueWest brand to represent annual gross revenues above $10 million and supported the leasing of over $117 million in residential leases.