We Are The MLS

We Are The MLS

Who is REcolorado?

We're Colorado's largest multiple listing service (MLS). And not to toot our own horn, but we're pretty important! We're vital not just to real estate agents but to homebuyers, sellers, and renters too! The home buying and selling process begin with us because we are the primary source for all things real estate. When homes are listed, they get listed first on REcolorado. When a property listing price or status is updated, it is updated first on REcolorado. So naturally, when you're ready to buy or sell your home you should first start with REcolorado.

In addition to being the source for accurate listing data, our tools and resources can be used with your agent throughout the home buying and selling process. Need to connect with a local real estate agent? We have over 34,0000 agent profiles to help you connect with a real estate agent. Looking for homes on the go? Download the REcolorado App to have access to the power of the MLS from any device.


Want accurate and thorough housing market statistics? We publish monthly market statistic reports. When you're ready to find the Colorado home that fits you in a hot housing market, you need timely, accurate, and easy-to-access information and you'll find that on REcolorado.

What's an MLS?

For many, MLS stands for Major League Soccer, but in the real estate industry, it stands for multiple listing service. An MLS is a database of property listings that are entered directly by real estate agents and acts as a trading platform to buy and sell real estate properties. When a property is put on the market for sale or rent, it is first added to the REcolorado database and from there the property is continuously tracked through the entire sales transaction. All this information provides a real-time database so that you can know exactly when a property is available to rent or buy, when a property sells, and the accepted purchase price.

And that's why Colorado real estate agents turn to REcolorado, and you can too. REcolorado ensures a healthy and efficient real estate marketplace. Sellers who list with a real estate agent know their home will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers – that’s powerful marketing. Buyers know they will always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties. Being Colorado's largest MLS means we have nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with real estate.

Market Statistics

If you're looking for more than property listing data, you'll appreciate the wealth of market information you can find within our monthly market statistic reports.

We know how important it is to have accurate market information when you are gearing up to buy or sell your home and that's why REcolorado makes market statistics reports available for the greater Denver metro area, REALTORS® of Central Colorado, and Steamboat Springs Board of REALTORS®.

Additionally, we publish local showing information and collaborate with local REALTOR® associations to provide even more data as an additional resource.

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