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Syndication FAQ

Syndication Background and General Information

Where do I get updated Syndication information from REcolorado?

REcolorado will send members information about syndication via Insights, Special Announcements, and the REcolorado Professionals Blog.

What is syndication?

Listing syndication is a method of distributing your listings and listing information to websites, mobile apps, and print publications for the purpose of marketing and/or advertising the listing to customer audiences. We encourage you to learn as much as possible about syndication. Please do your research to learn about the pros and cons of each.

What is a syndication Channel/Publisher?

A syndication channel or publisher is a public (non-agent/broker) website to which syndicators distribute data. Syndication Channels/Publishers can include Zillow, Homes.com, REALTOR.com, Hot Pads, etc.

What is a syndication platform?

The most recognized syndication platforms are ListHub and Point2, both owned by Move, Inc. Syndication platforms facilitate the distribution of listings to publisher sites.

What is IDX?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and means the exchange of data for use on web sites operated by agents/broker when other brokers have given the approval to each other to advertise listings.

Is REcolorado encouraging brokers and agents to syndicate?

REcolorado is encouraging brokers and agents to be as educated as possible about syndication and to make syndication choices based on each individual listing. You may want to consider the following when selecting syndication channels:

  • Is the syndication channel abiding by state and local advertising laws?
  • Are there guidelines for removing listings that are no longer to be marketed? If yes, what is the process for removal?
  • Are your listings being portrayed in a manner to which you are comfortable?

REcolorado Syndication Program

Why does REcolorado have a Syndication Program?

REcolorado wants to give brokers and agents as much control as possible when choosing where their listings are displayed.

When did the REcolorado Syndication Program become available?

The REcolorado Syndication Program launched April 9, 2015. Please see the REcolorado Professionals Blog for more information.

Which syndication channels are included in the REcolorado Syndication Program?

At this time, realtor.com and Homes.com are included. Additional partnerships will be formed with syndication channels/publishers that will provide data accuracy, fair display rules, listing broker prominence, and limit derivative products.

Why do I need to closely control where my listings are going? Isn’t more exposure better?

Maximum exposure is no longer considered a best practice of online real estate advertising. The third-party sites that display your listing data can be inaccurate and confusing to customers. It is important to determine where you will advertise each listing as you develop your listing-specific marketing plan. In many cases, a more targeted approach can have great results.

How many leads am I getting from REcolorado.com?

Take a look at your MyREcolorado Listing Metrics report to understand how many leads you are getting from REcolorado.com. This report shows you total leads and leads per listing.

Choosing Where to Syndicate

Where should I syndicate my listings?

There are many choices for where to syndicate your listings. You can decide where to syndicate each individual listing based on that listing and your client.

As you evaluate where to syndicate your listings, understand where you are going to get the best return on your investment. Ask questions like: “where am I getting leads” and “who many unique visitors does the site get?”

Take a look at reports and metrics. REcolorado offers you your MyREcolorado Listing Metrics report that shows, among other things, how many leads are being generated from REcolorado.com. Take a look at your report and the reports offered by your syndicators.

How do I decide where to syndicate my listings?

Where you syndicate your listings will vary based on what is included in your strategic marketing plan and how you choose to market each individual listing. Before you decide how you will syndicate each of your listings, there are many things you should consider.

When deciding whether or not to establish a direct feed to a third-party publisher, there are multiple considerations to keep in mind. REcolorado has developed a checklist to help you to know what questions to ask so you can make an educated decision for what is best for your brokerage.

Should I syndicate to Trulia, Zillow, and other channels?

You have the ability to choose where and how you market/advertise each of your listings. For each listing, you can choose to market it as broadly or as narrowly as you choose.

How can I find the Terms and Conditions for a publisher?

Terms will vary by publisher. Contact each respective publisher and/or review their site to get a copy of their terms of use and review them carefully.

What do I do if I find inaccurate or out-of-date listing on a publisher site?

How you correct listing errors on a third-party publisher website depends on how the information was syndicated to that site.

  1. First, find out if your broker is syndicating to the publisher where you see the outdated or inaccurate information.
  2. Determine how the information is being syndicated to that publisher – through a direct feed, manual entry or otherwise – by contacting the person(s) at your brokerage in charge of managing that process.
  3. If the broker is not syndicating to that site, check your website, virtual tour, and other technology service vendors to determine if they are the source of syndication, and ask them to stop. Sometimes direct feed agreements with publishers also allow information to be re-syndicated. If your broker has direct feeds with publishers, contact that publisher to ask if the listing information is being re-syndicated to the site displaying the inaccurate information.

Zillow and Trulia

Does REcolorado want Brokers and Agents to send our listings to Zillow and Trulia?

Our goal is to provide you information and resources so you can choose if and where you want to syndicate your listings. Where you syndicate each of your listings is up to you. We recommend you research syndication and understand where your leads are coming from as part of your marketing strategy.

How do my listings get to Zillow and Trulia?

Please coordinate with your managing broker to determine the best syndication strategy for your listings

Is REcolorado developing a solution to get my listings to Zillow and Trulia because REcolorado.com is less important?

No. As a matter of fact, REcolorado.com is growing. The site currently attracts more than 2 million visitors per month and currently ranks at the top in the Colorado market. All of these visitors to REcolorado is good for our members. It means you get more leads, which is our goal. We will continue to enhance and market REcolorado so consumers will visit the site, view your listings, and contact you.

Why is REcolorado trying to help brokers and agents get their listings on sites like Zillow and Trulia?

We recognize that our members’ clients may want to have their listings syndicated to Zillow or Trulia and we are supporting our members by making innovative tools available to facilitate this. We want to put the control back into the hands of our brokers. We are also providing reports, like My REcolorado Listing Metrics so brokers and agents can understand where they are getting their leads. As we develop new syndication solutions, we will enhance the My REcolorado Listing Metrics report to include lead information from additional sources.

How do I know if my listings are going to Zillow and Trulia?

Please contact your managing Broker to determine if your listings are being sent to Zillow and Trulia.

I see my listings on Zillow. How are they getting there?

If your listings are currently appearing on Zillow, they are currently getting there via your brokerage, or a third party service.