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With so many distinct Colorado towns and neighborhoods from which to choose, trying to find the right family home for your family can be overwhelming. Luckily, REcolorado.com makes it easier. Using REcolorado tools, you can work with your REALTOR® to easily find the home that’s right for your family. When you use the REcolorado Client Portal, your REALTOR® can create ‘saved searches’ based on criteria from your wish list. This way, you’ll be automatically notified every time a home that matches your needs comes on the market. 

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Colorado Family Home

budget calculator with papers 

1. Your Budget

Find a Colorado home that’s perfect for your family and also fits within your budget.

Even if your mortgage broker surprises you with the size of your loan, be sure not to overlook all the costs that go beyond your monthly mortgage payment – property taxes, utilities, HOA fees and ongoing maintenance can be steeper than you realize.

While you’re thinking about how much you want to spend on your Colorado home, it’s a good idea to consider how well the real estate market is preforming and if home values are trending upward.

front door of old house 

2. Home Age

Do you prefer old luster or new sparkle?

New Colorado homes allow you to choose between many different amenities and usually come with lower maintenance costs. Newer Colorado neighborhoods also tend to fill up with younger families, which can be a big bonus if you have little children.

With older Colorado homes, though, it’s easier to gauge if you’ll like the neighborhood because the trees are mature and the trails and parks are already in full swing. On the flipside, you’ll need to take a close look at the condition of the roof, foundation, and heating and cooling systems. Things that seem minor on first inspection may prove to be anything but.

home size two story narrow house 

3. Size and Adaptability

Unlike a few years ago when fast-rising prices led to frequent house flips, most families are now looking to keep their Colorado family home for 10 to 15 years, or even longer. So, it pays to ask yourself some key questions before you buy.

Do you expect your family to grow? Are the bedrooms big enough and appropriately situated? Do you want your kitchen to open to the family room or living room? And is there enough storage to hold all the stuff you’re sure to accumulate over the years?

apple on school books 

4. Schools

Finding good schools is often the sole motivator for a family to find a new Colorado home. That’s why REcolorado provides helpful information on all the schools in the vicinity of your prospective home.

It’s also a good idea to visit local schools and talk to other parents. You’ll want to consider things like classroom sizes, technology capabilities, after-school programs and the level of parent involvement.

A home’s distance from schools is also an important factor to consider – especially if kids will need to ride a bus or be driven each way.

child playing sprinkler in yard 

5. Room to Play

Before making an offer, consider the features that fit your family’s lifestyle. If you like to keep an eye on the kids while you cook, look for an open kitchen. If you can’t live without exercise equipment or a home cinema setup, make sure you have a good place for them. And if you like to entertain lots of guests, make sure your layout will accommodate them.

outdoor space home yard and patio 

6. Yard and Outdoor Space

With so many sunny days in Colorado, it pays to have an outdoor space that fits the needs of your family. If a yard is too small, there will never be enough space for the kids to kick a ball around. If it’s too big, you might feel like you’re forever mowing lawns and tending flower beds.

Before you buy, take a look outside and ask yourself if the yard is everything you’d hoped for. While you’re at it, try to look for hidden opportunities and landscaping inspiration. Is there a space for that swing set or trampoline you had in mind? Would it work to build out a deck or a patio for summer barbecue parties? Compared to indoor renovations, improvements like these can pay huge dividends in property value for a relatively modest investment.

downtown denver proximity home to work 

7. Proximity to Work

Although you might dream of a big acreage or a home in the mountains, a long commute to downtown Denver can be a grim reality. If you’re moving further from the job, it’s a good idea to try out the commute to your prospective neighborhood in rush hour before you buy. Use the INRIX drive time tool on REcolorado.com to estimate commute time from the home to your office.

If you travel a lot, it might also be worth factoring in frequent trips to the airport. Then again, maybe you don’t want to commute by car at all. If you’d like to be within walking or biking distance to work, you might find that a downtown Denver condo or a Tech Center townhouse are the perfect way to go for your family.

neighborhood amenities park with playground 

8. Neighborhood Amenities

It's easy to overlook home imperfections if you love your location. That’s why it’s critical to consider things like the charm of the neighborhood and access to what makes you happy – friends, parks, trails, shops, nightlife, gyms, you name it. On the flipside, you should also pay attention to a home’s proximity to less desirable things like jails, heavy industry or busy roads.

Before you make an offer, be sure to check out the whole neighborhood. Are houses and yards kept in good shape? Are there good sidewalks and crosswalks? Do you see kids out on bikes or families hiking on trails? The neighborhood you choose should reflect your priorities and preferred outdoor activities.

home improvements paint roller painting wall 

9. Home Improvements

Before you buy, get a good sense of what home projects need to be done to make the house exactly what you want. Minor improvements like painting, swapping out tile or adding new light fixtures are to be expected. Major renovations, however, can take a long time to complete and may not be a wise investment.

Keep in mind that big improvements like kitchen and bathroom remodels, laying hardwood floors or restructuring whole sections of the house require skill sets that are beyond those of most homeowners. You’ll also need to consider how much these investments will affect your Colorado home’s value. A home may have good bones and a great school district, but if it’s due for an extreme makeover, you might be best advised to continue your search.

For home improvement inspiration, watch the House & Home Videos on the Colorado Home Blog.

Colorado Family Home 

10. Does it feel like home?

The feeling you get when you first walk in the door of your Colorado home is all important. If you find yourself saying things like ‘our living room set would go perfectly here,’ that’s a clear indicator that you’ve found a good match for your needs. Visiting open houses is a great way to get a sense of the neighborhood and home.

In all likelihood, your new home won’t meet every single item on your checklist. But if the price is right, your biggest expectations are met and you bubble with excitement at the thought of moving in, you may just have found your new Colorado family home.