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MesM ccil-cid="lisstindwwwv.-ta s-ta strip"ctil- MesMMesMMesM Desef="Jion for '< n>670 670 S Quiv >,   })pan>Denver CO, 80223 })pan> ' cil-Beautiful, fully remodeled ranch/ gleished basement. New passt, /int, 2 yr ar" roof and guttehs, new sewer and watehop:in lines, new central air, new basementn:0ndows, newer blOn ' sor dou s pane throughout. New 6 panel doors. Regleished Hardwood floors ssAblOn with new ceramic iele n rttry, kitchen, bathr. Kitchen/SLAB GRANITE,STAINLESS STEEL GE APPLIANCES, EVERYTHING NEW. Extra Downstsirs has a light bss="p "FULLY CONFORMING" bedroomn:0th new egressn:0ndow, 3/4 new bathroom, high-end new carpestinn:0th a beautiful s6lOf glreplace in family room. Extra " culaiessA682ed to attic. EXTRA LARGE 2 car dwwwched gara , new c ccrete ' sor, new overhgMe gara doorn:0th remote openers, new we dows and extehior door. 5 blocks from HUSTON LAKE PARK, 8 minuteson'tDowntown! Move into tab" up and coming" area while the png['s are s6ill low!! < -- Png[' F_7 Png[' ctive"> br /> ''); ctive"> '); ctive">04/09/2014 })p IN })p INMes '); })pan> '') '' Subdixision: }label> Athms( Park County: }label> '')Den"Ma '' Beds: }label> 3 Baths: }label> 1 Full/1 Tlise-Qtr Sq ft: }label> >1,546 })pan> (approx) #: }label> 3673941 Status: }label> Sar" Desef="Jion Lisstin Informaid p
Style: }label>Ranch '' <
'' Locale: }label>Athms( Park Builder: {{Widget.System.Value Type='Lisstin.Builder'}} '' F_7 < t"> $(fun '); var gler n"1417"; var tot = "1546"; '); gler!= undegleed && gln != "" && gln != "0") '');{ ''); gler= '1417 })pan>'; '); #hgMeer-glesqft").html(F_3' + gln + ' gln. sqftw', '); } '');else tot != "" && tot != "0") '');{ ''); tot = '1546 })pan>'; '); #hgMeer-glesqft").html(F_3' + tot + ' total sqftw','); '');} '')}) })ef="J Finished Square Feet: }label> '')1,417 })pan> Sq. Ft. (approx) '' Water:Publat Water Service '' ipt> cil-Sewer:Publat Sewer '' ipt> '' -- ccil-Other Utilities: {{Widget.System.Value Type='Lisstin.OnSiteUtilities'}} ''F_7 < '' ' .cta-box, .cta-box a{ms(gin:1bot 0;background:#003b5c;cub/v:#ffffff} .cta-box- cntent{p682eng:8px f cl-s).d:12px } .cta-box .btn-primary{backgroun:#99a56a;f cl-weight:dirmal;cing="-radius:4px n:0dth:12bot;} })tyle>scri< -- New Home Plans Info F_7 < -- Community Info F_7 < < -- Community Info F_7 < < -- Current Pnomoid ps F_7 < scri< -- Neighcinhood F_7 < cid="lisstindwwwv.-extehiorfeatures"ctil-Neighcinhood iframe ="Master_CalcMortgageFrame" name="CalcMortgageFrame" framecinder="0"nsefolling="no"owidth="100%" height="950"> ="liste fdetail-ta s-walkscore"s -- Walk Score Secid p Start F_7 < ccil- ='ws-walkscore-tile'> var ws_wsidr n'28c0b84aee0114bb96148e77f80ba04c'; var ws_lair n'39.70429'; var ws_lonr n'-105.0071'; var ws_widthr n'583'; var ws_heightr n'286'; var ws_layoutr n'horizontal'; var ws_urlr n'/Include/AJAX/AjaxProxy.aspx?url=http%3a%2f%2fapi.walkscore.com%2fscore%3fformai%3djson%26lai%3d39.70429%26lon%3d-105.0071%26wsapikey%3d28c0b84aee0114bb96148e77f80ba04c&retry=2'; // Dynamically updates walk-score-t span secid ps try { jQuery.ajax({ url: ws_url, type: 'GET', async: true, dataType: 'json', success: funcid p (wsfun ws && ws.walkscore > 0fun setTas out(funcid p (fun jQuery("#liste fdetail-ta s-tabstrip-walkscore span").html(LanguagePlugin.replace("Walk Score", "Walk Score") + ' (' + ws.walkscore + ')w', }, 800); } } }); } catch (efun} funcid p LoadWalkScore(opid psfun var headID, newSef="J, walkscoreTiler ndocument.getElementById('ws-walkscore-tile'); opid ps && opid ps.containerfun walkscoreTiler nopid ps.container.find('#ws-walkscore-tile')[0]; } opid ps && opid ps.widthfun ws_widthr nopid ps.width; } opid ps && opid ps.clear && walkscoreTilefun walkscoreTile.innerHTMLr n''; } walkscoreTile && walkscoreTile.innerHTML.length == 0fun headIDr ndocument.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; newSef="Jr ndocument.createElement('sef="Jw', newSef="J.typer n't /javasef="J'; newSef="J.srcr n'https://www.walkscore.com/tile/show-walkscore-tile.php'; headID.appendChild(newSef="J); } // handles cases for multiple tiles var $multiWalkscoreTilesr n$('[id="ws-walkscore-tile"]w', $multiWalkscoreTiles.length > 1fun // get the walkscore html var walkScoreContentr n''; $multiWalkscoreTiles.each(funcid p (fun walkScoreContentr == '' && $(this).html().trim(fu!== '') walkScoreContentr $(this).html(); }); // set all walkscore tiles html content $multiWalkscoreTiles.each(funcid p (fun $(this).html(walkScoreContent); }); } } // Automatically launches walk score tile })ef="J> ipt> < -- Walk Score Secid p End F_7 dix ="nearbysales-ajax"> Loade f nearby sales and history ...