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    /t tablac ids="clearfloats"Description for <">2635 eports StingC<">,  =90pan>Denver CO, 80211=90pan> This great home >s in a great loca on. Come check out this wonderful open floor plan and fall in love. The first floor boasts wood floors, an eat-in kitchen, and full bath. There >s a ">n the liv ce room. Just around the corner is a perfect ">ot for an >n-home office. Upstvirs you will find the bedrooms, a full bath and laundry area to make that life task so much easier. In addition there >s a lv ie backyard for entertain ce and garden ce. The off-street park ce is also a huge plus. Sassafras, Sartos, Sexy Pizza, The Federal, Safeway, Mile High and so much more are all within an easy stroll. Or you can jump on a bike and get to Lo-Hi, Highlands or Downtown in just a matter of minutes. Come check out this great home.er">
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  • Bathrooms
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