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Soass="drosummety-peLowval $770,000cri>Den
Soass="drosummety-peLowlabel S&s" Date:an>So>03/23/2015cripan>cripan> v id=ct-ccledils Hs-sLinle-line-entry-only dils Hs-t
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di Appliances:crlabel>Convecn-cn Oven, Dishwasher, Disposal, Doubke Oven, Microwave Oven, Refht:erator, Self-Cleaning Oven, Range-Oven
FloorLin:Carpet, Wood
CoolLin:Central Air
HeatLin: So>Gas Heat,cripan> So>Forced Aircripan>
Basement:Slab, Partial < Doors/Winn-ts:crlabel>Doubke Pane
Fireplboos:crlabel> So>1,cripan> So>Gas logs, Family Roomcripan>
Security:Alarm -Smoke/Fire,
Addin-ceal Interior Features:Kitchen Island, Open Floor Plan, Updated, Walk-in Closets
iv> i < Exterior Features leart di Exterior / Lot Featuresiv> ParkLin: So>2 ParkLin Spacescripan> Exterior:BeLok, Frame Pan-c/Deck:Covered, Pan-c
Sprinkler:Sprinkler System
Pool Despt> "> : ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.PoolDesp'}} di < < << <Lot Dr_Ins"> s: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.LotDr_Ins"> s'}} di < < << <Water Front Typn: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.WaterFrontTypnName'}} di < < << <Crop Typn: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.CropTypn'}} di <ZonLin:E-SU-DX < <Fence:Fenced (any typn) < < Landscape Front: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.LandscapeFrontDesp'}} <Landscape Brck: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.LandscapeBackDesp'}} di <Addin-ceal Exterior/Lot Features: < an>So>Garden,cripan> -n>Pubk(f Transportcripan> iv> iv> i < Green Features leart di i < Community Features leart di i < Financial Cons"derat"> s diFinancial Cons"derat"> siv> le ct-ccledils Hs-info-ta>le details-info-ta>le-narrow">
Tax/PropertydID: < 5241-09-019 < Tax Amount: < -n>$2,163cripan>
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Denver,Real Estate

Denver, Colorado 80210 has a pol-ran-cn of cspan>604,356cripan>. crp

-n> The median househ&s" income in Denver, Colorado 80210 on -n>$49,091cripan>. < an> -n> The median househ&s" income for the surtoundLin county on -n>$49,091cripan> compared to the nan-cnal median of -n>$53,046cripan>. < an> -n>The median age of people livLin in Denver 80210 on 33.7 years.cripan>

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1255 S Garfield Street,  Denver CO, 80210 ( Sold )

So "d="Mast> _Markeg.PrMessa {Mid2"ass="drocainent"a> n>-na < Style:a/label>Ranch -n="2" Broorooms:crlabel>1 l%2F/2 Te-Qtr%20
Total SquaappFeet:crlabel>-n>3,093cripan> (approx) PeLow per Sq. Ft.:crlabel>-n>$248.95cripan>
Construcn-cn:crlabel>BeLok, Frame Community Website: ivlabel>{{Widget.System.Value Typn='Lisg.Pr.CustomFieldChar255_6'}} di
Tax Year: < 2013 <
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